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Explore our delicious ice cream rolls

Original products may differ from pictures

Premium Flavours

Strawberry Cream cheese –

Cream cheese base with fresh strawberry 

Blueberry Cream cheese –

Cream cheese base with fresh Blueberry

Lemon cookie –

Lemon base with Oreo cookies

Oreo –

Vanilla base with Oreo cookies 

Ferrero Rocher – 

Chocolate base with Ferrero Rocher’s 

KitKat –

Chocolate base with KitKat 

Mango (Seasonal) –

Mango base with fresh Mango

Passion Mango –

Passion fruit base with Mango

S’mores –

Chocolate base with graham crackers and Marshmallows

Reese’s Peanut Butter – 

Chocolate base with Reese’s Peanut Butter cup

White chocolate –

Vanilla base with White chocolate 

Chocolate Brownie Fudge –

Chocolate base with Brownie fudge 

Fruit Flavours

Strawberry (Seasonal) –

Strawberry base with Fresh strawberries

Blueberry (Seasonal) –

Blueberry base with Fresh Blueberries

Orange –

Orange base 

Grape –

Grape Base

Pina Colada –

Fresh Pineapple & shredded Coconut

Green Apple Caramel –

Green apple & caramel

EZ Rolls Special

Mava Kulfi –

Special base with mixed nuts 

Rose Pistachio –

Rose base with Pistachio nuts

Kesar Ilaichi –

Special base made with Kesar & Cardamom 

Kaju Gulkand – 

Cashew nuts with Caramelized Rose petals

Kaju Anjeer –

Cashew nuts with Figs 

American Dry Fruits –

Made with Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios & topped with Raisins 

EZ Roll’s Paan –

Mixed Flavours

Hawaiian Coconut –

Shredded Coconut with chocolate

Nutella Banana –

Vanilla base, Nutella & fresh cut Banana

Pink Cotton Candy (Hold) –

Cotton candy base 

Chocolate Chip –

Chocolate base with Chocolate chips

Mint Chocolate Chip –

Minty base with fresh Mint leaves & Chocolate chips

Coffee Espresso –

Coffee base & Chocolate sauce 

Birthday Cake –

Vanilla base with cake & sprinkles 

Peanut Butter Jelly –

Vanilla base with Peanut butter & Strawberry jelly 

Blue Moon Vanilla –


Tutti Fruity –

Fruity base with Tutti Fruity

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