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Treat your taste buds to the ice cream rolls they deserve!

Visit us today for exotic Thailand ice cream rolls made with fresh local ingredients

About Us

eZ Rolls brings you the touch of Thailand Street Dessert in Canada. Our Ice creams are especially made with Canadian Milk and freshly grown ingredients in Canada. Local ingredients together enhance the test and quality of the product with premium toppings which leads to a blast of flavour in the mouth.

The best part is we make the ice cream rolls right in front of you, so you know what you are getting. We make sure you get the best ice cream rolls full of flavours that satisfy your taste buds.

Treat yourself at our ice cream shop for

Enjoy exotic Thailand ice cream flavours in Canada
Made with fresh local ingredients
Made right in front of you
Wide variety of flavours & toppings to choose from
No eggs used
For all age groups


“I love the flavours that eZ Rolls offers, I come here every weekend with my family and we love it.”

- Samson Miller

“Your ice cream roll is made right in front of you, it looks & taste fresh and wonderful”

- Dharmendra Singh

“Fun place with tasty ice cream flavours”

- Abigail Mitchell

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